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Monday, February 26, 2007

Boys will be boys

Cell phone conversation just now:

Me: Hello.
Ron: I ran out of things to do at work today so I bought a new truck.
Me: What?
Ron: It’s a Ford.
Me: What?
Ron: (you can hear him smile)
Me: A new Ford truck? (Me thinking we’ve already discussed that I get the next new car and this better have heated seats and be in my name. Oh, and it better be red, too).
Ron: Well, it’s an old snow plowing truck that Leapin’ Larry owns - He went out to Utah for a vacation and decided not to come back - so I called him and asked him if I could buy his old plow truck – and he wanted $1000 and I said OK where’s the key and I think it leaks a little oil but I looked at it and I think it’s just that the oil filter need to be tightened and maybe buy it a new battery and two new tires and I can get minimal insurance on it just enough so it’s street legal and if someone messes with me on the road I can just run into them.