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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bowling for furniture

Last night was the last night of “regular” league bowling and my D.H. is in the roll-offs next week, and my team is tied for the 3rd quarter so I have to roll-off to see if I’m in the roll-offs against my D.H.

Confused yet? Then you’re not a mid-westerner.

He has a trophy on our mantle from last year, how cool would it be if I put a trophy up there this year? Actually it’s fairly likely that his team would win again, then I would have to listen to him crow about “I won the roll-offs!” for the next two weeks. Ugh!

By now I’m sure that you know I love to knit, and although I haven’t posted much here the past few months that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy knitting. As soon as I find my patch cord to the digital camera I’ll be downloading some way cool shots of socks and my first sweater. I might have to break down and buy a new cord at Radio Shack or something though.

But I digress; although I love to knit, every time I go to Lady Linoleum’s website
I have an overpowering urge to learn crochet. Because really, how cool would it be if I showed up at the bowling finals with this purse?

Even if I knew how to crochet I don’t think I could get this done in 5 days in time for the finals, but it would be fun trying!