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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have a dream

I have a dream. No, seriously, I was day-dreaming this scenario in my car on my way home from the Cube Pharm last night: Myself, The Crochet Dude, Crazy Aunt Purl, and my Fun Girl Molly all went on a 2 week vacation together and stayed in a quaint little bungalow in the South of France. It was a very specific dream place, and if you are interested you are welcome to look at it here:

We would get up in the morning and go hunting for the freshest croissants and the richest coffee, then stroll around the village for a while purchasing cheeses and olive oils and greens for lunch. Go back to the cottage for lunch then have a nap. I might cook for us all some nights, then others we would have to go out. About every other day we would go to a vineyard, or an old church, or some historic site. And one day I would like to get up very early and drive to Nice for the day, and perhaps go to Monaco another day. We could get all dressed up for Monaco and learn how to play baccarat.

And of course we would knit and crochet until our hearts were content. And drink wine.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I finished my own socks! I love love love them! They are 50% silk and 50% cashmere. Well, actually, they are 49% silk, 49% cashmere, and 2% cat hair.

SO I jumped right into the next project, and decided to properly wind some of the new yarns I bought at the State Yarn Festival. I’ve only done this twice before, and then I was assisted by the very nice people in the yarn store. Moments after starting my D.H. decided to help, mostly because I was already in trouble.

And then the cats wanted to help.

And it took no time at all before I was hopelessly lost in yarn jumble*uck hell. D.H. and I just giggled through it all, taking lot's of time out to sip beer.

Some more beer and an hour later I finally had a nice ball of silk/linen yarn. *sigh*

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am not right in the head

Last night I got a massage. Me, being massaged all over for a full hour by Millie, the wonderful massage therapist that I’ve been going to for many years. And then, when I least expect it, out of the blue this thought creeps into my head “I could me knitting right now.”

I know! I must be nuts! I would rather knit than get a massage? Why did I even expend the energy to think that? And then even more energy wondering why I did, and why can’t I just stop thinking about knitting for one single hour?

You should have seen Ron’s face when I told him. I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head. Probably a lot like the face you made a few moments ago.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

State Yarn Fair

So a couple of weeks ago I’m having a beer with my DH at the golf course (don’t get any ideas, I don’t golf, I just like to eat and drink there) when I mention to an old friend that I’d like to go to this place in Allegan where the family raises their own sheep and spins the wool to sell to the public. Her reply was “Why go there when in a week and a half the Annual Michigan Fiber Arts Conference is being held at the Allegan Fiergrounds?” Now my friend has a degree in the fiber arts from Hope College so she knows about such things.

The next thing I know she is driving me to Allegan and we are walking through the barns, all filled with booth after booth of raw yarn, hand dyed yarn, bags of silk cocoons, spinning wheels, yarns sold by the ounce, angoras, alpaca, cottons, cashmeres, rugs, looms, tatting, paper making, hooks, needles, patterns, and plenty of paraphernalia.

There were three barns full, then more tents outside, and a 4th barn that Gail and I were simply too tired to go through.

I bought stash. Gail made me buy the gold and aqua yarn, which I wanted 5 skeins to make a proper afghan or shrug, but at $29 each I stopped at 2.

The red is such an unusual color, not brick or coral, but a color I don’t have a word for in my vocabulary. I would love to use it as trim in a cardigan or something, but it’s going to be difficult to find just the right color to pair it with.

I thought I bought 2 skeins of the natural silk/linen, but when I got home I only found one. Not to worry, I only paid for one. But I wanted to make a pair of socks for Ronnie, and now they may have to be quite short socks.

With all this yarn I simply had to buy the ball winder, or whatever they call that thing. Ron is really very patient and good for holding the yarn while I wind it. Doncha love a man who is comfortable in his masculinity? Or maybe it has something to do with growing up with two older sisters.

There was a family (I assume) sitting under a shade tree outside of the last barn. Some were knitting, some were chatting, some were eating, and then there was the lovely woman spinning wool on her spinning wheel. Loved it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Bobbi Bears

I haven't finished the warm, soft, wonderful, silky, cashmerey (is too a word) socks for myself yet, but when I do I promise lots of photos. They got put on hold becuase my grandson's first birthday is next week and I simply HAD to knit him a Bobbi Bear. I'm knitting it with Lion Brand Lion Suede yarn in cream with brown nose and eyes.

Until then here is a photo of one of the baby jacket that Scootie the Cat modeled in an earlier post. If you look very closely you can see a flying red pencil that my DH threw at the cat to try to get her to stop cleaning herself: