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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sucked in by Lion Brand

So a couple of Fridays ago I got my weekly Lion Brand Yarn Email with an adorable free pattern for a crocheted candy corn Halloween bag. I simply HAD TO make two of them for my grand kids, and about an hour after receiving their Email I was streaking over to my LYS to purchase the four colors of yarn and a very large crochet hook, since I knew I didn't have one anywhere near that large.

Yes, I was sucked in by Lion Brand.

I'm not so proud of that. It's much more cool to say I was sucked in by Tilli Thomas or South West Trading. But no, it was you common run-of-the-mill, good old-fashioned Lion Brand Wool.

And three hours of quick work for each of them while watching TV I have two of the most adorable Halloween bags I've ever imagined. Love them!

Ain't no candy gettin' thru these holes!


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