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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Meandering Vacation: Chapter 2

It’s Saturday and mom dropped off her 10 year old BMW convertible ready for the road and picked up my good old P.T. Cruiser that she drove while we were gone. Dad said that the car would be empty because they didn’t need anything else at their Florida house, but mom had other ideas. She asked me last Tuesday night how much luggage Ron and I would have because she wanted to send some boxes down in the car. Well, we would each have a duffle bag as well as my computer bag and my knitting bag (of course). These four things alone would pretty much fill the trunk of the BMW, which are not known for their large trunks to begin with, then add the convertible option and their trunks are about big enough for a set of golf clubs.

When we got the car there were two LARGE throw pillows in the back seat. Mom said that we could use them for seat cushions on the drive down, but if I put one behind my back my boobs would be pressed against the dashboard, and if I sat on one my head would make the rag top bulge up about 2 inches. I held my tongue when I opened the trunk, which was packed with 5 boxes and a bag, with one of the boxes marked on every side “Fragile!!!” There was enough room for my makeup bag. Maybe.

OK, I’m exaggerating a little, and we did get our medium size duffel bag and Ron’s Biker Boots in the trunk, but by the time we got all of the other bags (including a goodie bag of snacks and a small cooler of bottled water on ice that was really to put beer in to bring up to the hotel rooms) and Ron’s king-sized pillow in the back seat we were cracking jokes about the Clampett’s.

Well, it looked like we were all ready to leave on Sunday and the crack of dawn. We know we only had to drive about 6 or 7 hours to Mammoth Cave, which is just north of Bowling Green Kentucky, so we certainly didn’t have to leave too early. That would give us time to sleep in, and it would give me some extra quality “lap time” with the kitties.

Then Ron said something to the effect of “Oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you that Dennis has been planning a Barn Warming party all summer for Bill and Cheryl and it’s on Sunday. We can go at 10:00 and leave by noon. OK?”

Wait, you knew about this all summer and you’re just now bringing it up? But it sounded like fun and we weren’t in a hurry, and we ARE on VACATION after all. OK! Let’s go!


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